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July 6, 2007

Prior Years Taxes

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Controversy over collect call rates in prison goes to court
Since Ivey Walton’s son was incarcerated about 11 years ago, keeping in contact with him has become an extra financial burden on her fixed income.

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Men on men
agreement between 22 states means consumers could now be charged a sales tax on certain internet… married woman. cab driver owes rent. cab driver returns money. cab driver#8217;s honor? $32. ten work… for place upon the topic at this late day is to point out the fact to some concern men who get discouraged

Fishing Wider Markets
Long before there was oil or gas, one of the biggest industries in the sultanate was fishing. As Oman looks to a future when its energy resources run dry so too its fishery industry is contemplating the threat of diminishing returns, with fish stocks being stretched as demand increases…, the chairman of Oman Fisheries SAOG, the sultanate s largest processor and exporter, announced in late… $17m in the previous year to $21m, it fell into the red, posting a net loss after tax of $1.1m

2007 Mothers of Invention Challenge
Services LLC (collectively “Sponsors”) will not be responsible for late, lost, incomplete, illegible… of packaging, costs of promotion, costs of insurance, overhead costs, volume discounts and returns… at $600 or more. You should consult a tax professional for a full explanation of any potential tax

IRS Defenseby Tax
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