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July 3, 2007

Prior Year Tax Returns

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A New Deal for Globalization WAGES FALLING, PROTECTIONISM RISING (YaleGlobal Online)
Over the last several years, a striking new feature of the U.S. economy has emerged: real income growth has been extremely skewed, with relatively few high earners doing well while incomes for most workers have stagnated or, in many cases, fallen.

Labor consider low-tax home savings plan (News Interactive)
LABOR is considering a plan to introduce a superannuation-style scheme to help first-home buyers, to be unveiled by Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd today.

Balancing prudence and fun (Austin American-Statesman)
While Scott Burns is on vacation, we’re running one of his past columns. His regular column returns Sunday. Q: My husband and I have saved for 18 years and have a substantial retirement. He has been the primary earner; I have worked on and off part-time.

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