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July 1, 2007

Past Due Tax

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IRS + Linkbait: What Are Two Words I Never Thought Would be Together
Considering the source it’s funny and it will have some people look at them in a different way (kinder, gentler IRS) but there is one part that concerns me. There is no mention on this page that it is written in a completely sarcastic

IRS’ New Audit Project to Begin in October 2007
The IRS has announced that it will begin a National Research Program (NRP) project in October that will examine 13000 individual tax returns that have been filed for the 2006 tax year. It is expected that the NRP will be extended for

IRS rated better for customer service than airlines
The latest American Customer Satisfaction Survey by the University of Michigan will come as a pleasant surprise for the IRS. It shows that the public now loathes it less than they do America’s airlines. In the results just announced,

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