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June 30, 2007

Back Tax Returns

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Can’t Warren Buffett Just Write a Check?
Amateur Economist & Curmudgeon: I’m sure that if Warren would like to send a check for the difference that the IRS would gladly accept it. More importantly, it seems that Mr. Buffett is under the impression that the most effective…

"That’s What Lysander Spooner Preached."
Hit and Run: Earlier in the week it was reported that Ron Paul praised Ed and Elaine Brown, the tax evaders holed up in their New Hampshire home and refusing to meet the authorities. Perfect: A reason for Fox News' Neil Cavuto to book Paul and feebly ask him why he hates taxes so much. Paul points out …

Find a Good Lawyer
Chris Pirillo: For Attorney research, my old friend Brett Trout wrote: I would echo Kevin O’Keefe’s suggestion that you do a blog search… Related Content: Find an Attorney Attorney Search DUI: Defensible or Not? Kona Coffee Tax Attorney Help Certifiable Certification Who Am I? Fat Pipe Dream Finding …

IRS OIG Audit: Progress Has Been Slow in Meeting Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 Requirements
BeSpacific: Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. Progress Has Been Slow in Meeting Homeland Security Presidential Directive12 Requirements, June 20, 2007….

data-driven science – Lee Dirks – June 22 – ICSTI 2007 Nancy
Science Library Pad: Lee Dirks – Director, Scholarly Communication – MicrosoftOpen access, data-driven science the impact on research communication * basic research ACTIVITY unchanged but output options dramatically changed – blogs – wikis – scholarly journals – IRs – discipkine repositories – podcasts…

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