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June 29, 2007

Delinquent Tax Returns

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Center Fielders: Gannett Rolls Out Information Centers
NEW YORK A year ago, anyone who visited the Daily Record in Parsippany, N.J., in the dead of night would find it empty, except for production crews running the presses for the morning paper.

Making it through an IRS tax audit (CNN Money)
When it comes to taxes, you may think you’re off the hook until next year, but think again: the IRS has just ramped up its campaign of random tax audits. Gerri explains what to do if you’re picked by the agency for an audit.

Media Flash – Confidential Weekly E-Newspaper
Wednesday, 5 July 2000, 12:46 pm Article: Media Flash Media Flash and Australian Media Job Directory Monday, July 3, 2000 Expressed …

IRS To Require Information Reporting For Sales Of Farm Products? (CattleNetwork.com)
IRS To Require Information Reporting For Sales Of Farm Products? On June 8, the IRS released a fact sheet on the reporting of farm income and expenses. The fact sheet, for the most part, is fairly innocuous. But, the last paragraph of the fact sheet is quite troubling, and inaccurate.

IRS Software Said to Have Problems (Washington Post)
WASHINGTON — An IRS program to encourage taxpayers to file electronically is providing software that’s not always accurate, an inspector general said Friday.

Stop the IRS
Nightmare – Free Tax
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