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June 27, 2007

Delinquent Tax Return

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On-Air Staff Blog – Post details: CT Corrupt Officials Still Keep Their Pensions
the cigarette tax needs to go up, we are paying the corrupt for the rest of their lives…… they blame the next guy! How long could any of us last in a job like that? The gas tax reduction… sure they increased the gas tax though. I can’t wait to move out of this state… Students that are so quick to jump to the aid of criminals how’bout lending us law abiding TAX…. They ceased being a force for good many years ago. We need the attorney general to quit going after

Alpha Blog – alpha.cnet.com
– The Internet is for taxes Posted by: Tom Merritt So you know we couldn’t last tax-free…: TODAY’S VOICE MAIL: Matt the patent attorney

Mortgage Fraud Blog – Three Colorado Appraisers Lose Licenses
Rachel Dollar is an attorney and Certified Mortgage Banker who handles fraud recovery litigation… tax credits based upon the appraised value of the land. The greater the valuation, the greater the tax benefit to the property owners. Albert Fajt , Pueblo, Colorado, also had his license permanently… Case Allentown Morning Call – Allentown, PA Five years ago, with great fanfare, then-state Attorney… legal counsel should seek the advice of an attorney. The creators, editors and sponsors of Mortgage

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