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June 26, 2007

Delinquent Taxes

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More Salt poured on the open wound of L.A. City Attorney
by his wife has failed to file state tax returns for several years and until Friday operated without…. In 2005, the state Franchise Tax Board barred Michelle Delgadillo s business, C.R.D. Inc., from operating in California because it had neglected to file tax returns every year since it was founded… that income on her personal tax returns, not her business forms. Delgadillo s office refused… what is known as a tax registration certificate. Business owners who fail to register with the city

Watch List (June 17-23): Caught Up in Fraud – CoStar Group
case involving the 1031 Tax Group and identify in the Watch List several properties that have ties… month, Okun’s 1031 Tax Group and 16 other exchange intermediary affiliates, filed petitions for relief… on the plan. While Okun has been working to settle up in the 1031 Tax Group proceedings, he also reached… by Anderson even though the lots had tax values of $20,000 or less. Many of the lots could…, “while retail and hotel properties ended May with a lower delinquent dollar balance than in March

Institutional Economics: ‘Light Reading It’s Not’ – Forbes
of Keynesian demand-management is so misplaced. The ‘tax cuts lead to higher interest rates’ brigade simply… has the capability to assess the impact on labour supply (or potential labour utilisation) of tax-transfer policy changes in particular. We have run last week’s tax cuts through our version of the Melbourne Institute Tax and Transfer Simulator (MITTS). Most of the positive impact on labour supply… calculate that the Budget tax cuts might increase labour supply by about 0.1 hours per week

L.A. attorney ethics beat
Overlawyered: A jury has convicted prominent attorney Stephen Yagman, who’s prospered greatly filing police-misconduct and civil-rights lawsuits in Los Angeles, of 19 counts of attempted tax evasion, bankruptcy fraud and money laundering. Prosecutors said Yagman led a lavish lifestyle while declaring bankruptcy, …

105 Service Businesses to Start Today
their service really is number one. Tax-Form Preparer One thing is certain: There will always be a need for tax preparers. Come tax season, businesses and individuals alike need help preparing numerous tax forms and understanding the latest tax regulations. Equipped with some specialized computer software, start scheduling your career as a tax preparer this fiscal year-and get ready for some returns… in more ways than one to have some persistence in tracking down clients’ delinquent debtors

Your IRS Trouble – Aggressive Tax Lawyer.
Services Include Help for Nonfilers with Filing Late Tax Returns.


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