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June 26, 2007

Back Tax Return

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Top of the Market — Part II – Barron’s (subscription)

Top of the Market — Part II
Barron’s (subscription) – Jun 24, 2007
They probably will have to ask the Internal Revenue Service for an extension to file their tax returns, because Blackstone doesn't expect to have a K-1
Top of the Market Barron’s (subscription)
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Immigration debate returns – Knoxville News Sentinel (subscription)

Immigration debate returns
Knoxville News Sentinel (subscription), TN – Jun 24, 2007
They don't need to be here living off of our tax system, our social security system, our health-care system and our education system." Rep.

Gap seen on stock options reporting
Yahoo News: AP – A multibillion-dollar gap between what public companies book as expenses for their executives' stock options and what they report to the IRS under two sets of rules is costing the Treasury billions in lost revenue, a key senator seeking to end the discrepancy said Tuesday.

Marriott settles with IRS, will pay $220 million
San Diego Union-Tribune: Marriott International Inc., the world's biggest hotel operator, reached a settlement with the Internal Revenue Service after the agency challenged almost $1 billion in tax deductions related to an employee-stock plan.

Tax returns overdue – St. Petersburg Times

Tax returns overdue
St. Petersburg Times, FL – Jun 20, 2007
Y., said through a spokesman that, "like past presidential candidates, " she will "release tax information in the election year." Better late than never,

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