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June 25, 2007

Unfiled Tax

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What's the ballpark property worth?
At stake is approx. 11 acres of land valued for tax purposes at $13.5 million by Hennepin County but Daniel Rosen attorney for Land Partners II the group that owns the property said Hennepin. County will now say the land is actually worth $17.2 million.

Late Tax Return
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JOB TRAINING: IRS: Safeguard tax, financial records (Courier-Post)
As the hurricane season begins this month, the Internal Revenue Service encourages taxpayers to safeguard their records. These are tips for maintaining financial and tax records.

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Tax shelter charges may be thrown out of court
Prosecutors in the US have admitted that dismissing chargers against former partners of KPMG – involved in an illegal tax shelter scheme – may be the only way to deal with violations of their constitutional rights. In a documents filed to a US court on Friday prosecutors of the US Attorney‘s office in Manhattan said that dismissal of the charges against at least four former partners of the accounting firm and two other defendants would …

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