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June 24, 2007

Unfiled Taxes

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Tax Attorney Help
I have referred some very important clients of mine to some excellent tax attorneys (in Bay Area, CA), and also know some that are efficient on smaller matters. Contact me if you would like those referrals (note, if they are in the

Tax Audits And Examinations Are On The Rise
In general, tax help, and in particular help from a California tax attorney, could be more necessary than ever for those who attempt to play the odds. Audits are definitely up this year – in almost all categories – as compared to prior

LA Civil Rights Attorney Yagman Convicted of Tax Evasion
Interesting article in the LA Times: Civil Rights Lawyer Yagman Found Guilty of Tax Evasion, by Joe Mozingo Henry WeinsteinIn court filings, [Yagman’s defense attorney] Tarlow argued that the case was a vindictive prosecution for

Civil rights lawyer Yagman found guilty of tax evasion
Civil rights lawyer Yagman found guilty of tax evasion Los Angeles Times – Stephen Yagman, the combative civil rights attorney who has loomed like a self-appointed avenging angel over the city’s power establishment for more than a quarter of a…

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