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June 22, 2007


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Tax return preparer pleads guilty to falsifying tax returns
St. Louis Business Journal – Yolanda White pleaded guilty to falsifying information on a client’s tax return, U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway said Thursday. The 38-year-old was indicted in March . According to court documents, during 2004 and 2005, in her capacity as a tax

Mystery shrouds Ravenel drug case
The State – Mark Sanford, who named Columbia tax attorney Ken Wingate interim treasurer on Wednesday. Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin McDonald said Thursday that it’s not unusual for a defendant in a federal drug case to be allowed to turn himself in for …

Edwards’ nonprofit kept his profile high — and under the radar of …
International Herald Tribune – The longtime trial attorney was out of the Senate, suddenly without the platform and campaign funds that come with serving in … And so, in 2005, Edwards and his staff created the Center for Promise and Opportunity, a nonprofit under federal tax law …

Bycel Tells Ethics Board He’s Sorry (Hartford Courant)
Apology May Not Be Enough As His Job Undergoes Review State ethics chief Benjamin Bycel issued a public apology Thursday for violating state motor vehicle laws when he failed to obtain a Connecticut driver’s license and registration after moving from Vermont to Hartford about 1½ years ago – a failure that means he owes the city back car taxes.

Heffelfinger speculates on why he made firing list
Minneapolis Star Tribune – Republicans block tax increases for oil companies Labor opposes immigration bill Cancer data delay brings call to fire … Attorney for Minnesota Tom Heffelfinger suggested to a Senate committee Thursday that his work on American Indian issues may …

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