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June 21, 2007

Prior Years Taxes

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FBI, IRS search FEMA trailer contractor – WDAM-TV

FBI, IRS search FEMA trailer contractor
WDAM-TV, MS – 26 minutes ago
The FBI confirms that two of its agents along with agents from the IRS served a search warrant on a company that maintains thousands of FEMA trailers in

Beware! New E-mail Tax Scams
The IRS’s news release states that the e-mail purports to be from IRS Criminal Investigation falsely states that we are under a criminal probe for submitting a false tax return to the California Franchise Tax Board.

Just 9 (Strike That) Just 2 Days ‘Til Sicko & All Will Be “Healed” in DocuLand

Just 9 (Strike That) Just 2 Days ‘Til Sicko & All Will Be “Healed” in DocuLand

It has been a wild few days for Michael Moore.  SICKO, his latest film, a.) was pirated and posted online, b.) predicted to be the movie that could turn around the slumping doc box office, and finally c.) had it’s premiere date moved up one week, ostensibly to deal with the problem of the pirat…

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