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June 21, 2007

Late Tax

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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips – June 21, 2007
, of course, is the Democrats’ failure to pass a big tax increase in whatever form. As radio talk… already seen a sizable income tax increase. It would’ve been hailed as lovely bi-partisanship… college.) PIONEER LOCAL — Peraica eyeing state’s attorney bid – John Huston http

The General Stock Market in 1960:
have been realized upon liquidation and is different, of course, from our tax results which value… of underwriting known as “carding” made inroads on Sanborn’s business and after-tax profits of the map… director was the company attorney, who held ten shares. The eleventh was a banker with ten shares who…, and a potential corporate capital gains tax of over $1million was eliminated. The remaining stockholders… your financial statement and tax information within about a week. If you have any questions at all

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