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June 20, 2007

Delinquent Tax

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Library project strikes out again
Sign in to your Classified Account Posted on Wed Jun. 20 2007 Council wants details on plaza geothermal system It’s back to the board for Columbus’ library project.

Mayors at odds with premier over taxes
Jason Fekete and Colette Derworiz Calgary Herald Premier Ed Stelmach ramped up the rhetoric Tuesday in the fight over whether municipalities should hold plebiscites before introducing new taxes noting what’s good for the province should also be good for its towns and cities. Stelmach’s comments came as municipal leaders and business groups denounced the provincial government’s call for the non-binding referendums while the Canadian Taxpayers Federation lauded the …

Bu??ag hits back at Teves on BIR shortfall in target collection
The Bureau of Internal Revenue on Wednesday said taxes paid in advance mostly due to the request of Finance Secretary Margarito Teves affected BIR’s target collection for the first quarter of 2007. BIR said one of the major factors for the low tax collection was taxes paid in advance by large taxpayers last year which it said Teves was fully aware of.

Developers Could Owe $30 000
In an interview Smith said he thought association members were already paying taxes for its value through the assessments of their individual properties which assume access to shared parking. “It’s based on our understanding that this is common area ” he said.

Prohibition failed
Why not bring back Prohibition and get it over with (‘‘There’sno derailing the martini ’’ June 4)? But it did not work then and it will not work now. Gangsters did a better job distributing booze without taxes and they charged less. — Donald W. Chabot North Attleboro

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