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June 19, 2007

Past Due Taxes

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Investors in realty exchanges may get relief
Mercury News: A New York attorney representing at least 16 Bay Area investors who lost money after the collapse of a firm specializing in tax-deferred real estate deals said there’s a chance they may get their money back.

Estate planning 101 for same-sex couples
Marketwatch: NEW YORK — Why is estate planning even more imperative for same-sex couples than for straight spouses? “Gay couples don’t have the tax and inheritance advantages that marriage conveys,” says attorney Tanya Harvey, “so these benefits have to be created through estate-planning documents.”

Color of Money Book Club
Washington Post: Michelle Singletary hosts a discussion with tax attorney Scott M. Estill, author of “Tax This! An Insider’s Guide to Standing Up to the IRS.”

IRS Defense by Tax
 for Businesses and Individuals. Services Include Help for Nonfilers with Filing Delinquent Tax Returns.


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