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June 19, 2007

Back Tax Return

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KPMG warned of ‘death spiral’ in tax shelter fraud case (Times Online)
KPMG, the accountancy firm, told the US Justice Department that it would unleash a “nuclear bomb” that would leave more than 1,000 companies without an auditor, if it indicted the firm for selling fraudulent tax shelters, according to newly released internal documents.

Tax Payers Challenge Appraisal District (KIII Corpus Christi)
Some 50,000 60,000 delinquent tax notices have been sent out from the Nueces County Tax Office. This coming July, if they aren’t paid, there will be be a 20% penalty tacked on for attorney‘s fees. In the meantime, the appraisal district says thousands of taxpayers are already expressing their outrage over this year’s assessments and many of those folks are planning to challenge the numbers.

more potholes in the Road Home
In my limited experience with grants, they have never been something that I had to claim for income … that’s why they were grants. Seems the IRS doesn’t think so with regards to the Road Home money:…

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