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June 18, 2007

Late Taxes

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City seeks volunteer parking police (Burlington Times-News)
The Burlington Police Department is thinking about launching a volunteer handicap parking enforcement program to help ensure those who need handicap parking slots get them.

Lock Up Your Life Insurance in a Trust – 6/18/2007 – insurancenewsnet.com
Top Life & Health Product News Lock Up Your Life Insurance in a Trust OUR HEIRS will surely welcome the proceeds from your life-insurance policy. But they probably won’t be thrilled by the estate taxes they may have to pay on the death benefit.

Navy admirals taking helm at the Pentagon (The Washington Examiner)
Navy admirals are ascending to the most coveted and important global commands in the U.S. military, gaining unprecedented influence over how the Pentagon fights and what weapons it buys.

S.C. law challenged in fight for Hooters riches (The Myrtle Beach Sun News)
The administrators of the estate of late Hooters restaurant Chairman Robert H. Brooks are challenging an S.C. law that gives spouses an automatic share of inheritance as part of a long-running fight over who will claim a multimillion-dollar fortune built on hot wings and shapely waitresses.

Tax Amnesty Proposal (NBC 24 Toledo)
Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and other City officials announced a Tax Amnesty program this afternoon. Since 1971, the city is owed around 17 million dollars in back taxes.

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