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June 17, 2007

Unpaid Taxes

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poison_ideals @ 2007-05-20T23:18:00
fuck having money and NOT spending it… laters tax return money!! minus what i’m using for vacation that is……

It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Telephone Tax Refund
The IRS announced in a June 8, 2007 news release that about 30 percent of taxpayers did not request the Telephone Excise Tax Refund on their 2006 returns so far this year, and although some of them may not be eligible, others may qualify and not know…

Scams – Payday Advance
Don’t Throw Your Money Down the Drain Avoiding Financial Scams :  Debt-Free America Staff   You would hope that when consumers are in a financial bind that businessmen would not try to intentionally ‘rip off’ the financially distressed. But,…

Investors in realty exchanges may get relief
Mercury News: A New York attorney representing at least 16 Bay Area investors who lost money after the collapse of a firm specializing in tax-deferred real estate deals said there’s a chance they may get their money back.

Stop the IRS
Nightmare – Free Tax
Consultation. Services Include Help for Nonfilers with Filing Delinquent Tax Returns.


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