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June 10, 2007

Unpaid Taxes

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No Need for Canadian PubMed Central: CIHR Should Mandate IR Deposit
Then PubMed Central (and its mirrors in the UK, Canada, and elsewhere) can harvest the biomedical content of their own country’s IRs (if they wish: but why just their own countries? why not, google-scholar-style, all biomedical research

Evicting the DEA and IRS
Louis Sullivan – who designed, among other interesting buildings, the Carson, Pirie Scott store in Chicago – deserves far better than to have the DEA, IRS, and any other state vermin, infesting any of his buildings!…

Spirit One, IRS Too: Kansas Church Investigated For Political …
Yesterday “The Wall of Separation” noted that the Internal Revenue Service has issued a new report on questionable political activity by non-profit groups and a new revenue ruling giving guidance in this area. The IRS is once again

New Round of IRS Audits Coming This Fall
“The new program will be a big step forward for tax research,” said Acting IRS Commissioner Kevin M. Brown. “Our approach will reduce burden on taxpayers, improve our audit selection techniques and give us more timely information to

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