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June 10, 2007

Unfiled Tax

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Error extinguishes some Pingree fire district tax bills
Courier News – … doesn’t take effect — and residents are still under the Pingree Grove Fire Protection District’s protection — until Jan. 1 2008, Elgin city attorney Bill Cogley said. Ericson emphasized that this mistake occurred in only one out of many tax codes …

Beware Bogus IRS Emails
Beware TOM HERMAN’S TAX TIP of a new twist to an old tax scam involving phony emails claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service. Con artists are trying to trick unsuspecting taxpayers into thinking they’re under criminal investigation IRS officials say. In a typical case an email lands in your inbox purporting to be from the IRS criminal investigation division; it says you are facing a criminal probe for having filed a false tax

Make My Day
American Reporter – Then, in a fit of spontaneity belying his otherwise staid existence as a tax attorney, the husband — we’ll call him Stan — says to his wife, Lisa “You know, I think I’d marry you all over again.” “What do you mean, you think?!” Lisa says half …

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