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June 9, 2007

Delinquent Tax Returns

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Political Notebook: Passport fight brings protesters from all sides
The federal government’s plan to ease passport restrictions because it can’t keep up with the applications for those documents didn’t come as a surprise to Rep.

Caddo Mills mother files lawsuit over McKinney foster home
A Caddo Mills mother filed a $5 million lawsuit on Friday alleging that her daughter suffered abuse at the hands of other children after she was placed in a foster home in McKinney.

Freedom In The Free State
The New Republic Weblogs: The Plank: Given that New Hampshire is home to the Free State Project , it should come as no surprise that Ron Paul currently has the largest group of supporters outside the debate hall this evening. Amidst cheers for “We want McCain!” and “Rudy! Rudy!” the Paulies are imploring: “Abolish the IRS!” “No Real …

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