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June 8, 2007


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Immigration bill fails crucial vote in Senate
Houston Chronicle – Still, the poll reconfirmed what many others have found: that a sizable majority of Americans favor legalization if illegal immigrants pay fines and back taxes, and learn English. The bill’s advocates off Capitol Hill were disappointed. “We fear the …

Just Using Google Not Enough In County Search For Man Who Owed Taxes
Tech Dirt – That’s what folks from Northampton County did in trying to track down a guy who owed back taxes. They were unable to find him via Google, even though a phone book lookup would have found his correct phone number. A court has now ruled that just …

A Taxing Matter
CNBC – The flipside is if you find you’ve overpaid on your taxes over the years, you can go back to the authority to reopen your case, provided you have records on hand. Hong Kong allows you to do this on returns of up to six years old. 2.      Late …

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