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June 7, 2007

Past Due Tax Returns

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Ex-mayor hires appeals attorney from his law blog
Real Lawyers :: Have Blogs: Ex-mayor Atlanta Mayor Bill Coleman Georgia hired his attorney as a result of the attorney‘s blog per Robin McDonald of the Daily Report . Bill Campbell read a critique of his 30-month sentence for tax evasion on an Ohio law professor’s web log, Campbell called the blogging academic and …

the Sponsored Spinoff
Deal Attorney – transactions law blog of Pittsurgh business lawyer Anthony Cerminaro: A Sponsored Spin-Off is a “tax-free method for a company to divest a division or subsidiary by distributing the shares of the division to shareholders as a dividend and then selling a substantial, but less than 50% stake, of the division or subsidiary to a private equity firm… “The primary reason …

Russian Customs Deny Hold Up In BoNY Tax Case
Tax-News.Com Daily Headlines: Maxim Smal, a Moscow-based attorney representing Russia’s Federal Customs Service in its $22.5 billion lawsuit against the Bank of New York, has denied media reports suggesting that the case has been held up.

Oh No, Ed Jew!: Residency Requirement
SFist: And the hits keep on coming! Now the Chron’s reporting that Ed Jew’s been told he has five days to prove that he lives in San Francisco, through tax records or a driver’s license or cable bills or utility bills or any other similar documentation. Fog City Journal has copies of the documents …

Finding a Tax Attorney
Chris Pirillo: As I mentoined before, we’re searching for a tax attorney. But this situation begs the question: how do you know the tax attorney you find is any good… Related Content: Find an Attorney Attorney Search David Steele on Domain Names and Intellectual Property Best Buy Law Botch The Blogger's …

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